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Our Services

  • Production Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Flame Cutting
  • Guillotine Cutting
  • Welding Manufacturing
  • Bending and Press Brake
  • Laser Cutting
  • Sourcing Hard-to-Find Products
  • Roll Forming
  • Delivery

ACTIVITY AREASProcurement options for high quality products

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting works by having an inert gas blown at high speed. An electrical arc is simultaneously created through and around the gas being…

Laser Cutting

Laser beam; carbon dioxide laser cutting is formed of electrical current to the carbon dioxide gas. As well as to further increase the efficiency…

Shearing-Guillotine Cutting

Shearing involves the cutting of sheet and plate with high precision. Shears have a top and bottom blade and this process is very similar…

Welding Manufacturing

All Types of Welding: Heli-Arc, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Pressure Pipe, Commercial and Industrial Repairs, Tank Repair…

Bending and Press Brake

At Demirsan Metals, we can bend sheet and plate products to different degrees using a press brake and other bending techniques…

Roll Forming Lines

We have 4 pcs drywall profile production line inside our factory and can produce  as your requested technical details Profiles…


Customers that include contractors, maintenance technicians, repair shops and many more rely on Metal Supermarkets to get them the metal…

We are FormIng All Kınds of Metal

in Various Sizes to Provide Each Industries Requirements